Why Temperature Screening Are NO LONGER NECESSARY In Singapore

by | Aug 25, 2021 | News, Pandemic

The Health Ministry announced that temperature and symptoms screening are NO LONGER NECESSARY at workplaces and public premises from 19 August 2021 onwards.

Filled with awe and curiosity, what made the Health Ministry implement such announcement?
Why is that so?

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong urged Singaporeans to get vaccinated against Covid-19 whip assuring them the vaccines are safe.
“Don’t wait till it’s too late,”
“Most people your age are already vaccinated, including many of your friends and neighbours.”
“Protect yourself, and your family too.”

As of 22nd August 2021, It was reported that a total of 8,747,449 individuals have been administered for their vaccination.
From the numbers above, the vaccination programme have been rolling out seamlessly as compared to earlier on during the vaccination roll outs whereby individuals would not take the vaccines due to various rumors they have heard from persons around them.

Overall judging by its situation now, it has been going well!

In addition, GOV.SG announced that with a large amount of residents being vaccinated, with public health tools and increased surveillance such as the self-test antigen rapid test kits (ART) and rostered routine testing, which is why we no longer have to conduct any temperature screening.

All S'pore households to get DIY antigen rapid test kits, Politics News & Top Stories - The Straits Times

Photo By: The Straits Times

In fact, by showing your TraceTogether check-ins, entry is allowed so there is no need for temperature screening.

TraceTogether Check-In Using QR Code Scan

Feeling unwell? Seek medical help if you are feeling unwell, wear a mask and avoid crowded places.

We hope that the whole population of Singapore will get fully vaccinated soon.
While awaiting, let’s do our part by abiding the rules and cooperate with the government.

Let’s fight to overcome COVID-19 together as one nation!

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