What actually makes a great website?

by | Aug 23, 2021 | Web Design

A good design comes about through a process and it doesn’t happen by chance, it is very deliberate. I believe that a great design happens when there is a strong partnership between the designer and the client.

These are the 7 fundamental things that make a website great:

1.   Well Designed and Functional

Your website showcases your company, your products and services. With most things being online these days, your website has become the primary way your consumers know your brand. Therefore, it is more important than ever for your website to be appealing, polished and professional. Remove clutter and make sure the images are well taken and nothing blocks your message from getting through.

Also there should be no errors on your  website and it must work! It should load quickly, correctly and have no glaring spelling errors or broken links.

2.   Easy to Use

This is so fundamental but yet it is not easy to achieve. Always test your site and ask for feedback. Your site should be easy to navigate for all who visit it. Navigation should not just be a menu bar or buttons!

3.   Optimised for Mobile

It’s a foregone requirement these days that your site should work on mobile. In fact, many designer have moved to mobile centric design such that the website works best on mobile.

4.   Fresh, Quality Content

Keep your content relevant and up to date! It is frustrating to visit a website that has not been updated and it cast a doubt on the reliability and the legitimacy of your company and products.

5.  Readily accessible contact and location

Make sure your customers can easily locate you and contact you. You can even make use of google maps to direct your customers to you with 1 click.

6.   Clear calls to action

Be very clear on the purpose of each section or page of the website. If you want your customers to contact you, then the content and design must be written and arranged to encourage that.

7.   Optimised for Search

Your website should begin to perform better and better over time on search and it should not be left to chance. Search Engine Optimization actually involves a lot but at the most basic level, it is about content and relevancy, therefore it is important to keep your content fresh. Making sure the basics like meta tags, alternate tags, internal linking is done as new content is added, is very important to continue to build on the foundation.

Please contact us for a no obligation discussion on your website and let us work together for a website that properly represents your brand and works well in connecting with your potential clients.

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