Emergency Malware Removal

Get your Malware infected wordpress site up and running quickly with this service. We will remove it and get it up or your money back.



Do you suspect a breach in your website, do you have these symptoms:

  • Strange users in your user list which you did not add
  • Website very slow to load
  • Pages redirected to another site
  • Notice that you have strange landing pages listed in Google Search Console but they are not yours
  • Noticed many processes running in cpanel but you are not doing anything

We can scan and remove Malware from your website as long as you have the login to your cpanel and the WordPress backend. A typical removal exercise will take from 36 – 72 hours depending on how widespread it is.

This service comes with a money back guarantee, if we are not able to remove or reinstate your wordpress site, we will give you a full refund.

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