Guide To Create Social Media Strategy

by | Sep 3, 2021 | Social Media Marketing

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As reported on July 2021, Social Media is by far most used by 4.48 billion users worldwide.

These days, using social media became a part of our daily routine, it is one of the most popular digital activities and of course
not only for personal use, but also for business use!
Most businesses uses social media, based on different purposes they want to target for their company.

Whether you just started learning how to use social media OR not gaining enough exposure and engagements, difficult to manage, etc.
Here is what you can do in which to add new things and/or improve the look of your social media business channels!

1) Think of what social media channels to use

It is not necessary to open up all social media channels like how other companies did but rather, select channels that SUITS your company’s target audience.

2) Set goals and objectives

Ask yourself : Why do you want to be on social media? Do you have a purpose to be on social media?
It is important to set goals using S.M.A.R.T criteria (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) *Find out more here:
For objectives, adopt a clear objective of your brand, select any suitable social media channels to reach out to audiences,
define and find target audiences on the chosen social media channels.

3) Establish a plan

  • Think of information to share that are in line with the context/relevant to the company.
  • Be consistent in uploading contents frequently.
    It is safer to make a schedule on a content calendar, it can help you to keep track so as to not miss out which days to post.
    * any content calendar template found online can be used.
  • Assign people in your company to manage the social media channels and they should be aware of what to post.

4) Be professional and authentic

5) Measure performance

  • Assess the analytics given for each social media channels – Age range, Different channels > different content, Identify audience, Interests, Engagements and know how each channels is intended to be used to benefit your company.

6) Build a community

Make your posts interactive and engageable with your audience, such that you are able to identify what their aspects of persona are.


As sounds as it is simple to achieve all of these, it takes time to slowly build up the process of gaining whatever you are aiming for.
Nonetheless, using social media is inexpensive, convenient, able to connect to everyone easily and more.
Start being on social media NOW!

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