Don’t advertise on Google Search if you cannot convert!

by | Jan 20, 2021 | Google search

Maybe you can design a great ad on google search that can get the attention of people and you see a very good click through rate. That is an achievement in itself and we should not take it for granted.

In case you don’t know what is click-through-rate, it shows you the number of people who click on your ad versus the number of times the ad was shown. We need a good click through rate so that we can send the target audience to our landing page.

The landing page is where we want to present the relevant information to the client, relevant to the ad that you presented. Google scores this relevancy too and it is one of the factors that determine the cost of the click. Google sees your target audience as their users and don’t want them to be lured to go somewhere that is not representative of the ad, google sees this as detrimental to their credibility as a search engine.

So say we manage to get a high click through rate but we see the users go to the landing page and do nothing, this means there is no conversions and therefore no leads. Do we actually benefit from this marketing effort? The answer is no and we would have wasted a whole bunch of cash especially if we were fighting for a competitive keyword that cost a lot per click.

Therefore a high click through rate is important but more important to our pocket is the conversion rate, that means converting the user into a lead that we can call or engage or sell to or better yet resulting in a direct sale from our online store.

So if your website is not converting, there are several factors which we can analyse and we will discuss in the next article.

Meanwhile work with your web designer, look through the Analytics data to find clues as to why there are no conversions.

Stay tuned.

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