Do we still need content on websites?

by | Mar 2, 2021 | Google search, Web Design

Conversation between SME and SEO company.

SME marketing person: “Hi, I want my webiste to do better on search, can you help?”

SEO Company: “Hi, yes for sure, this is what we do. Let me take a look at your website.”

SME marketing person: “My website is at…”

SEO Company: “Let me see..”

After 5 minutes..

SEO Company: “I see you that have quite a basic website. What is the nature of your company actually?”

SME marketing person: “Oh, thought it’s quite clear there. We sell xyz product and provide abc services in Singapore and also around SE Asia.”

SEO Company: “Oh, we really need to relook at the content. Do you have more information on the company? The product information is also not clear, do you have more product information?”

SME marketing person: “ya la, my web designer so lousy, never write for me, I gave him all the links from other website and he is supposed to just cut and paste only, but he say he cannot..”

SEO Company: “Oh I see..”

SME marketing person: “Hey, but my friend say you all very solid, can rank my website because you have the skills? Just do for me la, get me to number 1 on search for xyz product.”

SEO Company: “….er….can, we can write all the content with your imput but it will be chargeable.”

SME marketing person: “what? I am very busy one, can’t you just cut and paste or just write something, anyway I am more interested in the SEO, how fast can you get me to number 1?”

So what do you think?

Do you want to search on google and find the first website that has the wrong information on the search term? Do you think you will carry on using google to search if you keep getting the wrong answers?

We are not talking technical terms here but simple logic. Search Engines succeed by providing the closest answer to our searches. Therefore in order to do well for the search for our website, we need to provide the search engine with good quality content so that the search engines can serve our site up as a good answer to the searcher.  It is a win-win-win situation!

Yes, we need content, good and relevant content and just keep it coming!

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