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Commonwealth Kokubu
Commonwealth Kokubu, one of the largest cold chain logistics providers in Singapore, serves well known names in Singapore like Cold Storage, Burger King, Ikea and many others. They serve businesses of all sizes from single outlet to chains with multiple locations, they can customise plans that suits their customers' specific needs.

Being forward thinking, dynamic and innovative, CKL needed a site to reflect their core values and character. To this end we incorporated videos of their operations together with animation and imagery to support the goal.

CKL highly values their employees and also wanted to showcase this aspect of their organization. Their workplace is a highly collaborative and nurturing environment and this was highlighted throughout the site.
Design Highlight
We implemented a design device with deep meaning behind it to visually convey CKL's vision, mission and dedication to its customers goals.
This design device shows how CKL has oversight over all aspects of goods entrusted to its care and also of the physical journey of these goods. That being arrival to the country, being warehoused and finally being delivered.
The blue lines represent the different capabilities of CKL with the company slogan worked into the white part of the device to show how the company's commitment is engrained in its culture and underscores all that it does.
Touches like this add to visual identity and also reinforces a company's messaging and branding in ways mere words and plain imagery do not. The overall presentation gives the company a feeling of freshness and conveys a company that is always in motion and never stops.
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