Our People

Apsbay is unconventional by design and by nature.

What we are is found in who we are. 

Jimmy Loh

Director, Business Development

Entrepreneur and Tech leader.

As versatile in building relationships as well as managing the server.

Jimmy has been successful in multiple careers so far, graduating from NUS in Computer Science, he became an Armoured Officer with the SAF, eventually serving the nation for more than 28 years as a regular and as an NSmen. Not satisfied with just military experience, he stepped out and embarked on his entrepreneur journey. He sold insurance, real estate and even automotive engine oil to the middle east and appointed distributors for products as far as Greece and United Kingdom. He then went on to build a team in Propnex as a Division Director before trying his hand at building a digital business. 

So because of the road less travelled, Jimmy has the acumen and the experience to tackle any problems and he continues to fight for the best customer experience.

(65) 97486005


Alvin Chan

Director, Creative 

Creative Lead. From designing a simple logo, to writing a powerful tag line; from crafting a beautiful name-card to a designing an attractive company brand image, Alvin leads the design prowess of Apsbay and he is the reason we so often punch above our weight.

Unconventional in the full sense of the word, Alvin graduated with a Finance degree from the University of Texas in Austin before working as a broker in Salomon Smith Barney, US Bancorp Piper Jaffray, and UBS in various cities in the USA.

After September 11, he signed up with the US Army and fought in Afghanistan with the 101st Airborne Division as an Infantry Specialist, and was well in harms way for more than a year.

Now he has found a new passion in the trenches of design in Singapore, where his family still lives. He grew up here by the way!

Alvin can write, draw and design with the best of them because creativity is simply him.

(65) 9118 2700


Keith Brandon

Designer, Photographer, NS

Keith has taken the long route in his learning journey as a student and as designer. He has accumulated much experience along the way, in the field of visual design, animation, and is now even a freelance photographer and videographer who has shot a few weddings and done some video work for clients as diverse of SGH.

Keith is now serving his time in the NS in the police force and can only help out when he is free. We look forward to getting him back soon! 


Bao Wei

Intern, Variety Show Host to be

Bao Wei is our new intern and his interest is? You guessed it listening to K pop and watching K drama. He wants to be a variety show host 1 day! Go for it dude!


Intern, Shy Gamer

Evelyn loves to listen to music, enjoys playing mobile games and computer games. Watch the video on our facebook page to learn more about her!


Junior Web Designer

Zain was our intern from 2 years ago and now he is back with us while he is waiting for NS enlistment.

He moves the mouse and whip up a design as good as he can twist the throttle on his bike! We are glad to have him back! 



Kymm Choo

Marketing Advisor

Kymm consults Apsbay in the area of marketing and gives us a higher perspective because of her vast experience. She has worked for various MNCs like Novartis, Allergan and Mundipharma as a regional marketing director and now she is the Regional Portfolio Director at CooperVision.

Her deep understanding of regional marketing and wide exposure to various countries which she managed, including Middle East and Latin America besides APAC, gives Apsbay a broader perspective.

Partnering with her has enabled us to tap into a deep repertoire of tried and tested solutions, which we can customise for our SME clients.

Kymm is a proven marketer, engaging trainer and strategic thinker and we often call upon her to crytalise the solutions that we need.



Kenny Choe

Professional Videographer and Photographer

Kenny is our go to professional photographer and videographer and drone pilot! He doesn’t work for Apsbay but is always just a text message away. 

So whenever you need a professional video or photoshoot from Apsbay, Kenny is the man and he has the best eye for portraits and can really fly a drone too!


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